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      He stood and gazed at her with a presentiment of coming ill; and he noticed, for the first time, that her lips were compressed and her brows drawn straight, as they always were when she was serious or troubled about anything.

      Lady Wyndover stopped as if she had been shot, and stared at him aghast.

      "Nan, honest! Did you give him a fair chance--the kind I gave Steve?"The service commenced; it was as elaborate and ornate as a full choir, enthusiastic organist, and a famous bishop could make it, and the spectators felt almost as if they were assisting at a state ceremony.

      "My boy! If ever you like this one she'll no more seem small than the open sea."

      There will be plenty of room for them at Belfayre, said Lady Wyndover, with a sigh of profound satisfaction. Of course, you will live there. The duke is an old man, and will be glad to have you and Trafford with him. He is so fond of you, dear. Of course, I dont know what plans youve made[156] about the honey-moon, but you might spend it at that pretty little place of mine in Surrey. You havent seen it yet. It really is a charming place; quite a box, of course; but it will be quite large enough for you two. I think its a mistake for a newly married couple to go to a big house, with a mob of servants; they want to be alone, to moon about, and all that. But, perhaps, you would like to go on the Continent.

      "Matter or spirit," said Anna more gravely, "I can't criticise it. I can't even praise it--oh! but that's only be--because I haven't--the courage!"The maiden flushed: "On the contrary, my dear, I was just going to say, you will please begin at once to be more civil to our Captain--Irby."



      Varley held up his hand, and almost instantly the din subsided.